Colli Euganei

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In collaboration with the MEMOLA project, Dr Sandrine Paradise-Grenouillet, postdoctoral fellow of the Marie Curie European program, carried out the first research on the historical evolution of forests in the Euganean Hills. We leave some images about these investigations.


On Tuesday 13th of June took place in the University of Córdoba the workshop "The sustainability of agricultural systems and cultural landscapes", with the participation of researchers from the Universities of Padova, Granada, Córdoba and Palermo, the Autonomous University of Madrid and the CSIC. 

With a few simple gestures you can walk in the Euganean Hills discovering the most significant and evocative views of this territory and the populations who lived and transformed it over time.

Summer School about doing archeology and research on historic landscapes with local stakeholder from Euganean Hills. 3-7 April 2017, Galzignano Terme (PD).

Spring Lectures - 2017

J.M. Martín Civantos, Universty of Granada - Archaeology and local communities in the study of historical landscapes, 07/03/2017 - Padova


MEMOLA Padova team keeps going its communication activities in schools with tools and methods on agricultural landscapes of the Euganean Hills, with the help of Cariparo Foundation financing (Bando Attivamente). From Este to Monselice and Padua, boys and girls learn to read historical maps, satellite images and architectures to reconstruct and understand our historical landscapes!

The University of Padova publish a collection of documentaries about Landscape Archaeology in Colli Euganei, organised among Tools, Topics and Outreach Activities. 

Click play and enjoy! (Use fullscreen for better viewing)

Medieval Archaeology at the University of Padova (UNIPD) presents a documentary on the cultural landscape of the Euganean Hills, one of the study area of the MEMOLA project.

MEMOLA, Europe for euganee lands. Innovation, research and communication program of a re-evaluation and improvement of our landscape (May 20th Trade Fair of Padua), where we presented and discussed with the small businessmen of Lower Padua how to create new collaborative synergies to preserve and promote the biodiversity of the Euganean Hills and the areas of the Lower Padua.

The didactic notebook titled “ Water Landscape of Colli Euganei“, include the study of the main elements that have conformed the Eugenian cultural landscapes through the history of this study area based in Padua, Italy. More specifically, it contains the study of water uses from the Middle Ages to the present day, such as navigation channels, water mills and the transformation of river course.