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The University of Granada takes part in the PIIISA project to introduce research in the Andalusian High School. We proposed to work with students on the Cultural Landscapes and the historical irrigation systems using Minecraft.

On the first day, José Mª Martín Civantos gave a introductional lesson to High School students about Cultural Landscapes and Historical and Traditional Irrigation Systems. Later on, university students teached how to play with Minecraft and the tools necessary to build a landscapes. 

60 students in physical and forensic anthropology at the University of Granada have made a full week of master practice in "Cristo de la Yedra" school archaeodrome (Granada). 

During three days the University of Granada organised a participatory activity with the local Women Association Vista Alegre (Lanteira, Granada). They collaborate cleaning the archaeological ceramic and learned about the differents type of pottery and their chronology. This material is from the archaeological excavation "Pago del Jarafí" (Lanteira, Granada). 

Arqueoandalusí and Eachtra, in the framework of Monti di Trapani educational network, publish an online presentation titled Monti di Trapani landscape through hydraulic mills.

UGR & ARQUEO organised, on the 28th of September 2016, a guied tour to the archaeological excavation of "Pago Del Jarafí" (Lanteira) for the students of IES Marquesado del Zenete High School.

The High School Fray Luis of Granada and the University of Granada put toghether an ‪archaeodrome‬ for High School ‪students‬.

Students between 14 and 15 years old, during their course, have investigated Middle Age and Bronze Age material culture which can be possibly found in a real archaeological excavation and moreover built an archaeodrome.

The University of Granada, in collaboration with archaeology students, built an archaeodrome in the "Jesus-María Cristo de la Yedra" school (Granada).

75 primary ‪students‬ from Cristo de la Yedra school learned to be archaeologists‬ for one day, practicing excavation techniques and methodology, completing archaeological forms and sieving archaeological sediments. They have also learned how to interpret the material culture, identifying the chronology and the functionality of the different structures and finds.

Eachtra Archaeological Projects Ltd., with the collaboration of the University of Granada, published the e-book La Alpujarra Paisaje Cultural, downloadable for free from the iBooks Store. We invite you to download it and explore the different resources available. If you like them, please spend 2 minutes to leave a review and make this e-book more popular.

MEMOLA project has been invited to organise the seminar "The didactic possibilities of Landscapes and Archaeology" from 3th to 5th of May, hosted at the Faculty of Educational Sciences (University of Granada) for 200 students, within the framework of the subject "Knowledge of the social and cultural environment and its didactics". L. Delgado Anés presented the educational activities and resources of the MEMOLA project.

The storytelling book shows the everyday life of the Vlachs people of the Valley, an historic Latin-speaking transhumant community who for centuries have lived in the Balkans, including the territories of the Upper Vjosa Valley. The story begins with the moment they arrive in their caravans from the winter meadows, the selection of the place for the establishment of the camp and the construction of the dwelling.