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After 35 years of abandonment, UGR recovered 5 traditional irrigation channels with Lugros, Guadix and Graena local irrigators communities and volunteers.

UGR and Arqueo, in collaboration with Pro Loco Calatafimi Segesta, attended a teaching activity with the Classic (Cielo d'Alcamo) and Scientific (G. Ferro) institutes of Alcamo, within the framework of the “Alternating School-Work” initiative.

This policy brief summarises recently developed perspectives on soils that have emerged from the findings of the MEMOLA project. The critical environmental dependency of soils is well-established yet to date soils have been undervalued and poorly recognised as cultural materials. MEMOLA has demonstrated that soils are an extensive cultural resource and form part of Europe’s rich cultural heritage.

Through a series of photographs, the exposition shows the work developed for the recovery of traditional irrigation systems in Sierra Nevada, by the irrigators communities and volunteers working within the MEMOLA project. The recovery techniques were carried out following traditional knowledge and practices, involving different ONGs, associations and stakeholders.

After 35 years of abandonment, UGR recovered 3 traditional irrigation channel with the Lugros, Guadix and Graena local irrigators communities and 40 volunteers. 

During two weekends the University of Grananada recovered three traditional irrigation channel of High Mountain in Lugros along with the irrigators communities of Lugros, Guadix and Graena, with the participation of 40 volunteers and the collaboration of Lugros city council.

MEMOLA, Europe for euganee lands. Innovation, research and communication program of a re-evaluation and improvement of our landscape (May 20th Trade Fair of Padua), where we presented and discussed with the small businessmen of Lower Padua how to create new collaborative synergies to preserve and promote the biodiversity of the Euganean Hills and the areas of the Lower Padua.

Last Saturday 30th of April, MEMOLA collaborated with the ‪‎local‬ ‪Irrigators‬‪ Communities‬ from ‪Lugros‬ and ‪Guadix‬ (‪Granada) in the annual cleanliness of the ‪high‬ ‪mountain‬ ‪channel‬ of Lugros (‪Granada‬), with the participation of 40 volunteers and the local Municipality Council.

Arqueoandalusí and the University of Granada recovered 2,9 km of ‪traditional‬ ‪irrigation‬ channel of High mountain in ‪Lanteira‬ (Granada-Spain‬), with the collaboration of the local irrigators ‪community‬, the National and Natural Park of Sierra Nevada and the students of Ies Emilio Muñoz. Cogollos Vega.

Last weekend CeRPHAAL, in collaboration with University of Granada, recovered 2km of a traditional irrigation channel in Vllaho-Psilloterë (Përmet); the activity was carried out with the support of the Municipality of Përmet, the participation of local community and volunteers students from the Universiteti Aleksander Xhuvani Elbasan.

A Policy Brief about the impacts of European Water Policy on the water cultural heritage has been delivered. This policy brief summarises the findings of the MEMOLA project with regard to the impact of this policy on the water cultural heritage associated with historical irrigation systems.