Research on cultural landscapes of the Euganean Hills. Laboratory of Remote Sensing

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The October 26, the UNIPD partner has conducted a laboratory of landscape archaeology through the techniques of Remote Sensing (aerial photo, LiDAR) with the students of the IIS Euganeo at Este. In the lab the students have known the usefulness of the images from remote sensing techniques for the study of cultural landscapes.

After a brief introduction on the objectives of the MEMOLA project  at the Euganean Hills, we have explained how to analyze LiDAR images. The students, in groups of 4, have compared historical and current aerial photos with LiDAR, noting and marking on this images all the anomalies regarding the transformation of the landscape in the area (ancient watercourses, old viability, possible castles). Once analyzed they have presented to the rest of the class their findings.

You have done perfect guys!!!

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