Archaeology and Education at the bar

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On January 16 last, inside a bar in the center of Calatafimi Segesta (Trapani), it was inaugurated the exhibition "Archaeology and teaching at the Bar." This is a temporary exhibition of some panels about technical survey carried out in 2015 on a water mill in the same territory.

The meeting was attended by the protagonists, that is the whole class 5B of the Art School "M. Buonarroti "of Trapani. Some pupils explained their experience, underlining the importance of practical design field and notional learning that results. These concepts were reaffirmed by two teachers, Gabriella Ingrassia and Isabella Guaiana, who accompanied the students in their educational path.

Finally, architect Giuseppe Maniscalco, invited by the organization, was launched a debate to discuss need to know and to safeguard any architectural evidence of the past in the territory. The objective of this study is primarily rediscover the cultural and social value of architectural testimony of our recent past, through the analysis and dissemination of data obtained. In this sense, we decided to use the Bar, which has a traditional gathering place and meeting becomes a small exhibition space within the reach of many, if not all. 

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