Pottery analysis in Monti di Trapani

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During the months of July and August, an initial analysis and catalogue of the materials found in 2014 was developed. All ceramic fragments have been counted and coded, pieces of a same piece have been joined, and an initial statistic analysis of the pieces found has been designed. This first approach to the ceramics of Pizzo Monaco will be useful to develop a further, and more exhaustive, analysis that will be oriented towards typologies and chronology, fundamental to obtain more specific conclusions in regards to the type of settlement we are studying. The work performed has been carried out with the support of the archaeologist Sara Camplese, working under the program Sovvenzione Globale “Più Ricerca e Innovazione” of the Regione Abruzzo through the Direzione Politiche Attive del Lavoro, Formazione ed Istruzione, Politiche Sociali.