MEMOLA participated in the European Heritage Label Days

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European Heritage sites are milestones in the creation of today’s Europe. Spanning from the dawn of civilization to the Europe we see today, these sites celebrate and symbolise European ideals, values, history and integration. Since 2013, these sites have been carefully selected for their symbolic value, the role they have played in the European history and activities they offer that bring the European Union and its citizens closer together. What makes the European Heritage label unique and how is it different from the UNESCO World Heritage List? There are three key differences: European Heritage sites bring to life the European narrative and the history behind it. They are about much more than just aesthetics The focus is on the promotion of the European dimension of the sites and providing access to them. This includes organising a wide range of educational activities, especially for young people European Heritage sites can be enjoyed singly or as part of a network. Visitors can get a real feel for the breadth and scale of what Europe has to offer and what it has achieved

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