Walking in the Euganean Hills APP

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With a few simple gestures you can walk in the Euganean Hills discovering the most significant and evocative views of this territory and the populations who lived and transformed it over time.
The adventures of some nice characters will lead you to the discovery of the naturalistic, historical-archaeological, cultural and enograstronomic beauties of the Euganean Hills. Traveling along waterways and rivers and through swamps, forests and cultivated fields you will reach walled cities and majestic castles, churches and abbeys which raised up on the hills during the Middle Ages.
Numerous POIs (points of interest) will allow you to get to know many characters, stories, traditions and legends linked to the Euganean Hills.

Walking in the Euganean Hills offers you:

  • an easy and intuitive user interface;
  • 2 itineraries to discover the landscape and the historical and cultural heritage of the Euganean Hills;
  • a story with comics and audio that will guide you to discover the most evocative corners of the Euganean Hills;
  • illustrations and reconstructions of landscapes and architectures based on historical-archaeological researches;
  • insights and curiosities with pictures, photographs and short descriptive texts clear and easy to understand;
  • games that will help you to look closer to landscapes and to know the areas where the typical Euganean Hills are produced.
Walking in the Euganean Hills is a mobile application that collects the most important results of the research conducted on the rich cultural heritage of the Euganean Hills by the University of Padua as part of the MEMOLA project, MEditerranean MOuntainous LAndscapes: a historical approach to cultural heritage based on Traditional agrosystems.