Streamflow at Río Chico

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Simultaneously with the installation of continuous measurement sensors at certain points of the Acequia de Barjas system, we are making some point flow measurements in the Río Chico. The main control point is located where the Río Chico crosses the limit of the Natural Park of Sierra Nevada. That point drains the whole upper Río Chico basin, including the infiltration from the “Acequia de Barjas”.

The streamflow measured at 18:00 on June 23th, 2015 at that point of Chico River is 16.4 l / s. It is in the order of magnitude of the flow in the “Acequia de Barjas” at the same time (approximately 12 l/s).

These hydrological works are being conducted jointly by the DFH (UCO / UGR /IISTA) and the IGME.