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A short documentary by Andalusian Stories about the third Archaeological Excavation Campaign in Lanteira "Pago del Jarafí ", Granada (Sierra Nevada, Spain).

Other verions:

Participatory mapping workshop in Cáñar (Sierra Nevada, Spain), organized by Iecolab in collaboration with the MEMOLA project.

Exhibition and awards presentation of the historical photographs contest in Cáñar. Organized by Iecolab and the MEMOLA project.

Documentary about the first stage of the Archaeological Excavation Campaign "Pago del Jarafí " in Lanteira, Granada (Sierra Nevada, Spain).

Organized, in collaboration with the ecology laboratory of the Andalusian Center for the Environment, at the Colegio Público Rural El Alféizar in Cáñar (Alpujarra-Granada) where the elders told how they used to live in ancient Cáñar through old photographs.

Medieval Archaeology at the University of Padova (UNIPD) presents a documentary on the cultural landscape of the Euganean Hills, one of the study area of the MEMOLA project.

Virtual exhibition of the historical photos collected in Cañar on August 2014. Themes were traditional activities, mountainous landscapes and the recovery of the traditional irrigation systems of Barjas.

On the 5th 2016 of October UGR and ARQUEO organized a guided tour for the Local Women Association Vista Alegre in the archaeological excavation "Pago del Jarafí" (Lanteria, Granada).

“Meleq Gostnishti” elementary school students, a guided visit and a lesson about archaeology in the site of Magjerice, at Rapcke, in the Upper Vjosa Valley.


Students of Piskova high school visiting the archaeological excavations of Magjerice, (Rapcke), at the Upper Vjosa Valley.