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Albanian National Heritage Day! 28th of September CeRPHAAL in collaboration with Permet Municipality, and DRKK, Gjirokaster (Regional Directory of National Culture) participated to promote the archaeological and historical heritage of Permeti Region.

On September 30th MEMOLA participated in Granada European Researchers' Night with a guided route through the medieval irrigation channel Acequia Gorda del rio Genil.

UGR & ARQUEO organised, on the 28th of September 2016, a guied tour to the archaeological excavation of "Pago Del Jarafí" (Lanteira) for the students of IES Marquesado del Zenete High School.

Last 22th July was held the Workshop "Cultural Landscapes in Mediterranean Mountainous Environments", with a wide participation and several guests.

The documentary illustrates the water mills in the landscape around Calatafimi-Segesta (TP), in particular along the river Kaggera. The video can be ideally divided in three parts: an introduction to the phisical characteristics of the area and the hydraulic network, an in-depth look at the water mill located in Contrada Arancio, mentionned in the texts dating from the 1393, and a visit to an active company at Castelvetrano, specialised in traditional flour production from native ancient grain seeds.

The Universities of Cordoba and Granada ‪and Arqueoandalusi ‪organize the ‪seminar The impact of ‪european‬ ‪water‬ ‪policy‬ on ‪historical‬ ‪irrigation‬ systems, with the collaboration the Andalusian Institute of Agricultual and Fisheries Research and Training (IFAPA) and the Assocaiton of Traditonal and Historical Irrigators Communities.

3D‬ model of a ‪12th century medieval‬ ‪cooking‬ ‪pot‬ from the ‪archaeological‬ ‪excavation‬ of ‪Lanteira‬, Granada (Spain).

‪Laboratory‬ of ‪Community‬ ‪Botany‬, organised by UNIPA‬,‪ ARQUEO‬ and ‪USHEFF in ‪Calatafimi Segesta‬ (‪Trapani‬). Participants provided information to map ‪ancient‬ ‪fruit‬ ‪trees‬ in the ‪Monti Di Trapani‬ study area.


Stratigraphic sequence of excavation area 50000. Two archaeological layers have been identified, corresponding to the terrace filling for agricultural purposes. Dimensions: 6 x 6 m. Depth: 0.70 m

Rock excavated structure interpreted as a silo. It has been found filled with several stratigraphic units and sealed by a wall during the 2015 archaeological campaign in the area known as El Jarafí, Lanteira (Granada - Spain).