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Cáñar (Alpujarra-Granada) is located in the southern slope of Sierra Nevada at 1014 meters altitude. Its origins as a settlement date back to late antiquity. Although the possibility of a previous settlement is not excluded, what is clear is that the Muslim influence in the landscape still persists today, especially in the irrigation systems and cultivation terraces, with numerous channels and irrigation ditches interconnected.


The archaeological excavation has been developed near the village of Lanteira (Granada), located in the Northern face of Sierra Nevada, opposite with respect to Cáñar, that is in the Southern face of the mountain range.The excavation took place in the area known as El Jarafí, an already documented medieval neighbourhood in Lanteira. It is in fact, a very interesting location, as there are three different archaeological Islamic sites, one of them containing a castle. Documents from the 16th century mention the castle, and the area around it, as the Jarafí neighbourhood of Lanteira.

Pizzo Monaco (Custonaci, Trapani), was the archaeological site chosen for the excavation. Thanks to previous work in the area, the site had been interpreted as a possible collective fortified granary (aghadir) dated in the Islamic period (10th?-11th century). The site is located on the top of a calcareous peak, called Pizzo Monaco. A trial excavation conducted in 2012, confirmed the research potential of this settlement.