Sierra Nevada

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Historical channels assoc. celebrated it 1st assembly

Last saturday the Historical Channels association celebrated it 1st assembly with the collaboration of MEMOLA project. 20 irrigators communities from Granada and Almeria took part

Ortega Santos and the community management

Last Tuesday Ortega Santos (UGR) presented "Looking at natural resources community management. Environmental Knowledge in Europe and America, during the 20th Century" at the EURAME seminar

González Nóvoa and the ecosystem services

Last week José González Nóvoa (UAM) presented "The framework of Ecosystem Services: A tool to socio-ecological analysis and planning of the territory" at the EURAME seminar cycle.

Anual cleanliness of Barjas channel in Cáñar

The University of Granada will collaborate in the anual cleanliness of Barjas channel in Cáñar(Granada) with the local irrigators community.

Romero Pellitero presented Remote sensing applications

Last Friday Romero Pellitero (UGR) presented "Remote sensing applications in landscape historical analysis" in the Forum: Dialogues on archaeology 7th Edition

Ruiz Ruiz presented the irrigation systems

Last Thursday Ruiz Ruiz (UGR) presented "From the Andalusian irrigation systems to those in colonial Mexico: An Ethnoecology and resilience comparative analysis" at the seminar cycle from EURAME master

UGR will participate at a conference in Granada

The University of Granada will present "Remote sensing applications in landscape historical analysis" by P. Romero Pellitero in the Forum: Dialogues on archaeology 7th Edition

Reyes García presented the traditional ecological knowledge

Victoria Reyes García (UAB) presented "Traditional Ecological Knowledge: Dynamics and Challenges" at the seminar cycle title "New approaches for the historic understanding of the socio-environmental realities of Europe and America" organized under the framework of Master From European History into American societies, Power, and Cultures; and in collaboration with MEMOLA project.

Geyser assoc. (form Provenza Regional Parks) visited

Yesterday the University of Córdoba, The University of Granada and Cáñar Irrigators Community organized a visit in Cáñar (Sierra Nevada) to Geyser assoc., from Provenza Regional Parks (France). They also visited a local organic cooperative growers Las Torcas.

Media coverage at Pizzo Monaco

Last week, in collaboration with Municipality of Custonaci, the TGR Mediterraneo reporters (Rai3) has visited the archaeological excavation at Pizzo Monaco.