Sierra Nevada

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UGR participated at a Conference in Granada (Spain)

J.Mª Martín Civantos presented "Build ‪Landscapes‬ with ‪‎water‬. The memory of ‪historical‬ irrigation systems" ‪at a Conference‬ organized by "Laboratorio de Territorios de transformación" in the Higher Technical School of Architecture (University of Granada)

UGR participated at a Conference in Huelma (Spain)

The University of Granada presented "Water and fortifications in Medieval times: the role of castles in landscapes formation" by J.M. Martín Civantos in the "II Conference The medieval fortifications and the study area of Huelma"

MEMOLA First Policy Brief Uploaded at the EU e-Library!

The MEMOLA project issued its first European Policy Brief, as a central advocacy tool to promote dialogue for political and social change. This policy brief summarises the findings on the impact of the European water policy on the water cultural heritage associated with historical irrigation systems.

See the EU e-Library for more information.

UCO participated in Earth Observation for Water Cycle Science 2015

Fluvial Dynamics and Hydrology research group (University of Cordoba) presented a poster titled "Monitoring the hydrological regime in snow areas in Mediterranean regions: the Sierra Nevada case (Spain)" in the EO for Water Cycle Science Conference organised by the European Space Agency (esa), Frascati (Italy)

Visits of the traditional irrigation channel of Lanteira (Granada)

Arqueoandalusí. Arqueología y Patrimonio visited the traditional irrigation channel of Lanteira (Granada) with the Local Irrigator Community . This visit we will allow to prepare the field work "the recovery of traditional irrigation channel" in April with the High School Emilio Muñoz students.

MEMOLA participated in the SOPA Congress

The University of Granada, Arqueoandalusí Arqueología y Patrimonio S.L. and the University of Sheffield presented the documentary "The recovery and put in use the medieval irrigation channel of Barjas (Cáñar, Granada-Spain)" by J.M. Martín Civantos; M.T. Bonet García; R. Corselli; L. Delgado Anés and P. Romero Pellitero in the SOPA15 3rd International congress for heritage education and socialization in rural areas.

Presentation of MEMOLA project in the High School Emilio Muñoz (Cogollos Vega, Granada)

Presentation of MEMOLA project and organization the activities in the High School Emilio Muñoz to forestry technician students (Cogollos Vega, Granada)

3D‬ models of ‪Lanteira‬ ‪Archaeological‬ excavation

‪3D‬ models of ‪Lanteira‬ ‪Archaeological‬ excavation published on MEMOLA Sketchfab profile. Archaeological excavation, in the area known as El Jarafí, an already documented medieval neighbourhood in Lanteira. Four sondages that revelead four silos, a big house and an Islamic cemetery. Silos and the tombs did not coincide in time. Theses 3D corresponds to an individual of the ‪medieval‬ ‪necropolis‬ and the medieval necropolis with 22 tombs. 

Lanteira 2014 - Necrópolis medieval by memolaproject on Sketchfab

UGR participated in the JIA 2015 at Lisboa

The University of Granada‬ participated in the JIA 2015 VIII Young Researchers in Archaeology Conference at Lisboa with the poster "The Three-dimensional ‪‎archaeological‬ record in the MEMOLA project" by Pablo Romero Pellitero and José Caballero López,  and with the communication "‪Archaeology‬ & ‪Education‬: Bringing the ‪cultural‬ ‪landscapes‬ to ‪schools‬" by Lara Delgado Anés.

Master Thesis "ecosystem services of the traditional irrigation channels of Sierra Nevada"

Jaime Vila Traver, student of Agroecology, presented his master thesis on "ecosystem services of the traditional irrigation channels of Sierra Nevada, an agroecological approach at Cañar (Granada)", carried out within the MEMOLA project. Congratulations!