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Archeobotanical lesson at the UNIPD with L. Peña Chocarro

Today at ‪the University of Padova, archaeobotanical‬ lesson in the laboratory with Leonor Peña Chocarro. Students have floated the soil samples taken in the excavation of the ‪Montagnon‬ castle, in ‪Colli Euganei‬

Theoretical and practical seminar about fruit trees ‪graft‬ing

Theoretical and practical seminar about fruit trees ‪grafting based on traditional conservation techniques. For farmers and enthusiasts. May 15, 2015 Calatafimi-Segesta 

Senior Researcher L. Peña Chocarro speaks about "New Archaeobotanic ", at UNIPD

The archaeobotanist Leonor Peña Chocarro (CSIC-EEHAR partner)returns to the University of Padua (UNIPD partner) to captivate students with her knowledge in Enviromental Archaeology. The seminar included agricultural, forest management and storage practices in medieval times. Chocarro, also introduced her latest ethnoarchaeological‬ research, developed  in Morrocco.