Sierra Nevada

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UGR organized a guided tour with the local irrigator community to the volunteers that took part in the recovery of the traditional irrigation channel in Lugros.(Granada); participate a total of 15 volunteers.

UGR and UNESCO-AND organised a guided tour with the local irrigator community and the guides of Natural Park for 25 students from the Alpujarra High School in Órgiva about Cultural Landscapes and the historical irrigation systems of Cáñar (Granada).

UGR organised a guided tour with the local irrigator community and the guides of Natural Park for 14 students of the Master in History of the UGR in Cáñar (Granada).

UGR organised a guided tour with the local irrigator community for 32 students in Agroecology of the International University of Andalucia about Cultural Landscapes in Cáñar (Granada).


Cultural thematic routes

The project incorporates the development of cultural routes in the four areas of study, as a strategic activity to combine strategies to protect local cultural heritage, enhance social awareness and have a positive impact on the social and economical tissues and identify ecosystem management strategies that prevent environmental degradation. The following Cultural Routes have the goal to build capacity for local communities and stakeholders, defining different possibilities that could be attractive for them.


UNESCO Andalucía, in collaboration with the Council of Almería and Granada and the Granada Provincial Delegation of the Ministry of Education, Sport and Culture, held a training workshop about Alpujarra heritage values as a World Heritage site candidate. The talk was dedicated to teachers from educative centres of the ALpujarra and involved the creation of Educative Units for primary and secondary schools students.


The conference Historical irrigation systems: between conservation and modernization was held from the 15th to the 18th of December 2014 in Granada.

José María Martín Civantos ( University of Granada) and José Castillo Ruiz (University of Granada) talk about the Traditional irrigation systems: its heritage and landscape value.

MEMOLA Project, CEAMA and Sierra Nevada National Park organise the international conference “Water historical management in high mountain areas” , on the 10th and 11th of February 2014 in Granada.

There were 13 presentations of which 9 were focused on Sierra Nevada and 4 on comparable mountain irrigation systems in Mexico, Peru and Morocco.

With the aim to analyse the historical uses of water we conducted an hydraulic survey of the historical irrigation systems, using GPS technology.

The Spanish Geological and Mining Institute (IGME) study the flow of the traditional irrigation system of Lugros.