Colli Euganei

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Hydraulic survey allowed to locate numerous water mills in the area of Colli Euganei. We have analyzed their position in the territory, their architectural features etc.


We conceive archaeological activity in a complex and comprehensive way. In general we can say that the MEMOLA project falls within the Landscape Archaeology, seen as the result of a coevolutionary process and a synthesis of social relations. The landscape is, in this view, a historical product and as such, part of the material culture of the societies that have built it over time.


The archaeological excavation at the Montagnon Castle is part of the projects IRAAHL and MEMOLA as a study case of a medieval fortified settlement turned into a rural residential site.

The survey area has been identified thanks to the integration of written sources, that attest the presence of a castle from the first half of the eleventh century, with the remote sensing, where the LiDAR images were in fact valuable to identify the main structures the castle, as the outer wall and the moat, preserved in close-up but covered by dense vegetation.