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UGR organised a guided tour with the local irrigator community for 15 volunteers that participated in the recovery of the irrigation channel of Barjas (Cáñar).

UGR organized a guided tour with the local irrigator community to the volunteers that took part in the recovery of the traditional irrigation channel in Lugros.(Granada); participate a total of 15 volunteers.

UGR organised a guided tour with the local irrigator community for 32 students in Agroecology of the International University of Andalucia about Cultural Landscapes in Cáñar (Granada).


"Communicating archaeology of the Euganean landscape": historical-cultural itinerary in the ‪medieval‬ ‪fortress‬ of "Rocca Pendice" and one of the ‪watermills‬ located in the "Calto della Contea" with the local association ‪Comitato Mura di Padova‬" and some teachers of the IIS Euganeo (‪MOU‬).

Cultural thematic routes

The project incorporates the development of cultural routes in the four areas of study, as a strategic activity to combine strategies to protect local cultural heritage, enhance social awareness and have a positive impact on the social and economical tissues and identify ecosystem management strategies that prevent environmental degradation. The following Cultural Routes have the goal to build capacity for local communities and stakeholders, defining different possibilities that could be attractive for them.


UNESCO Andalucía, in collaboration with the Council of Almería and Granada and the Granada Provincial Delegation of the Ministry of Education, Sport and Culture, held a training workshop about Alpujarra heritage values as a World Heritage site candidate. The talk was dedicated to teachers from educative centres of the ALpujarra and involved the creation of Educative Units for primary and secondary schools students.


MEMOLA organises a a round table in Sicily to catalogue and promote the ancient local fruit cultivation and their traditional practices of grafting. The meeting involved Giuseppe Bazan and Rosario Schicchi from the University of Palermo and the Rural Development and Territorial of Sicily.

The University of Cordoba conducts a soil and agroclimatic study in Cañar to determine which products would be most profitable and suitable to cultivate due to ground conditions.

Seminar about participatory guarantee systems in organic production dedicated to farmers in Cáñar, organised by the Universities of Córdoba and Granada and the private company Arqueoandalusí Arqueología y Patrimonio Ltd.


A local group of farmes from Cáñar creates an organic farming association. called ECOCáñar