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Growers from Cáñar visit plots of organic production together with ecological production associations’ partners as Ecovalle and Ortigas.

Senior farmers engaged in dialogue and shared their knowledge with researchers and younger farmers on reproducing original cultivars and repair an injured tree.

Local development

The socioeconomic impact is a priority in project actions. We believe in the social utility of our research and we have a responsibility as scientists. Cultural landscapes are the result of a coevolutionary process and, in the case of mountain areas, have shown enormous resilience and efficiency throughout history. However, at present, many of these systems are in the process of abandonment and marginalized in a highly economic context.


These encounters have a long-term purpose. The goal is to inform about tools that are available in order to improve the agricultural and livestock activity in the area, in the context of current market dynamics. These conversations are facilitated by the agronomist MEMOLA team (from Universidad de Córdoba), the AGROECOSOST group from IFAPA and the agroecologist business Con-sumo Cuidado.

This activity is organised in collaboration with the ecology lab of CEAMA. The goal is to understand the evolution of the landscape and the changes produced by the cultural management of its natural resources.


Cáñar (Alpujarra-Granada) is located in the southern slope of Sierra Nevada at 1014 meters altitude. Its origins as a settlement date back to late antiquity. Although the possibility of a previous settlement is not excluded, what is clear is that the Muslim influence in the landscape still persists today, especially in the irrigation systems and cultivation terraces, with numerous channels and irrigation ditches interconnected.