Building cultural landscapes with Minecraft

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The University of Granada takes part in the PIIISA project to introduce research in the Andalusian High School. We proposed to work with students on the Cultural Landscapes and the historical irrigation systems using Minecraft.

On the first day, José Mª Martín Civantos gave a introductional lesson to High School students about Cultural Landscapes and Historical and Traditional Irrigation Systems. Later on, university students teached how to play with Minecraft and the tools necessary to build a landscapes. 

On the second day, High School students built different Cultural Landscapes and historical irrigation systems using Minecraft (High Mountain, Middle Mountain and Valley). 

On the last day, High School Students and Lara Delgado Anés, made a documentary to describe their experience with the Minecraft game and what they learn about historical irrigation systems.

The video will be presented at the PIIISA Final Congress on the 17th of May 2017.