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Lugros is located over 1200 meters above the sea level, on the northern slope of Sierra Nevada and the headwaters of the Alhama de Guadix river, which originates at the top of the municipality, under the peak called Picón de Jérez. A site of special natural and cultural interest named La Dehesa del Camarate.

The origins of this village are dated in the late antique period, when following the fall of the Roman Empire, the mountainous areas were occupied and the metallurgic and mining activities reactivated. Since the Islamic conquest in the 8th century, the construction of a complex hydraulic system produced important transformations in the landscapes. This system begins in the high peaks, producing an artificial recharge of the aquifer ( careos), and continues with two main irrigation channels ( Guadix and Jaral). These historical channels carried the water of the Alhama river to the crops of seven andalusí farmhouses ( called alquerias). Today, out of these seven alquerías only three villages remain.