Planning the perfect exhibition

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Students of differents educative center of the study area of Sierra Nevada design, as co-researchers of MEMOLA project, their ideal model for the temporal exhibition about the traditional irrigation systems that will be held in 2017 in Parque de las Ciencias (Granada). To collect these ideas, Education, Pedagogy and Social Education university students collaborate carrying out MEMOLA education activities. 

At the moment, the schools of various levels involved are:

  1. CEIP Lucena Rivas (Lanjaron, Granada)
  2. CPR Alquife-Lanteira (Alquife y Lanteira, Granada)
  3. CPR Sierra Blanca (Lugros, Granada)
  4. CP Jesús-María Cristo de la Yedra (Granada)
  5. IES Fray Luis de Granada (Granada)
  6. IES Marquesado del Zenete (Alquife, Granada)