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Lanteira is a village in the north of the Sierra Nevada belonging to the Marquesado del Zenete. The municipal area extends from the peaks of the mountains to the plains of the plateau. The urban nucleus is located at the foot of the mountain, next to intensive irrigated area that, through a complex system of canals, takes advantage of the waters of the thaw.
In Lanteira took place one of the project excavations, in an area known as El Jarafí. Here is located a site identified as a neighborhood of old alquería of the first Andalusian era. The settlement is directly linked to the creation of intensive irrigation space located next to it.
In addition, in the same region other activities have carried out, such as events with local schools and the archaeological survey of the municipalities of Lanteira and Jerez del Marquesado, in collaboration with UGR Department of Prehistory and the project "Mining and Metallurgy in the historical complex of Nevado Filabride", funded by the Government of Andalusia.