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MEMOLA meeting in Colli Euganei

This year the ‪MEMOLA‬ meeting was in‬ the study area of Colli Euganei (‪Italy‬). Thank you ‪UNIPD‬ for hosting and introducing us to the beautiful ‪Cultural‬ ‪Landscapes‬ of Colli Euganei‬.

Colli Euganei SummerSchool about Participatory Research

Coming soon Colli Euganei SummerSchool about Participatory Research (3rd-7th April) organise by UNIPD.

UGR participated at a Workshop in Ávila

J. Mª Martín Civantos, MEMOLA coordinator, presented "Landscapes, a common place to get involved. An archaeological perspective from the MEMOLA project" at the workshop "Egaging stakeholders in oppida heritage: challenges and possibilities" organised by "Resituating Europe's first towns: A case study in enhancing knowledge transfer and developing sustainable management of cultural landscapes (REFIT)" 

Workshop cultural landscapes in the Mediterranean regions of mountain

MEMOLA project will organise the Workshop "cultural landscapes in the Mediterranean regions of mountain"

UNIPA participated in the workshop "Climate change and vegetation in mediterranean mountains"

Giuseppe Bazan, from the University of Palermo, participates at the workshop "Climate change and vegetation in mediterranean mountains", organised by the Italian Botanic Society in Pollino national park, from the 23rd to the 26th of June. Several Italian researchers will debate in the field about ecology, mountainous vegetation and their management. The workshop will be a place to discuss and transmit to the Italian botanic scientific community new interdisciplinary approaches carried out by MEMOLA project in landscape study.

MEMOLA participated in the European Heritage Label Days

European Heritage sites are milestones in the creation of today’s Europe. Spanning from the dawn of civilization to the Europe we see today, these sites celebrate and symbolise European ideals, values, history and integration. Since 2013, these sites have been carefully selected for their symbolic value, the role they have played in the European history and activities they offer that bring the European Union and its citizens closer together. What makes the European Heritage label unique and how is it different from the UNESCO World Heritage List? There are three key differences: European Heritage sites bring to life the European narrative and the history behind it. They are about much more than just aesthetics The focus is on the promotion of the European dimension of the sites and providing access to them. This includes organising a wide range of educational activities, especially for young people European Heritage sites can be enjoyed singly or as part of a network. Visitors can get a real feel for the breadth and scale of what Europe has to offer and what it has achieved

MEMOLA participated in Cultures & Citizenship workshop

DG RTD hosted a workshop on Cultures & Citizenship, which gathered policy relevant Social Sciences and Humanities research projects. The workshop focused on different aspects of cultures and citizenship and explored the emergence, the current challenges and the perspectives of cultural and rights-based Europeanisation. Research results, findings, conclusions and recommendations from the workshop will provide scientific evidence for policy making at all levels.


Community archaeology laboratory

MEMOLA project, in collaboration with the Association Alba Nuova, set a meeting of community archaeology laboratory to analyse some aspects of the traditional agricultural landscapes in Trapani. 

The European Commision publishes "the seminar about traditional grafting"

The theoretical and practical seminar about fruit trees grafting on traditional conservation techniques ‬has been so successful that today the ‪European Commission‬ publishes the news on their official page. Thanks to everyone who participated. ‪

Workshop Techniques for screening and flotation of ‪archaeological‬ sediment

‪The University of Granada organizes a MEMOLA workshop "techniques for screening and flotation of ‪archaeological‬ sediment" on 18th of May. There are two turns, sign up already! With a certificate of participation.