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The ‪flotation‬ of ‪soil‬ samples of Pizzo Monaco (Custonaci)

Continuing the ‪‎flotation‬ of ‪‎soil‬ samples collected during the excavation of Pizzo Monaco (‪Custonaci‬-‪‎Trapani‬)

The night of archaeology

On 28 July, at the castle of Baida (Balata di Baida-Castellammare del Golfo), we presented the preliminary results of the latest excavation campaign in Pizzo Monaco. In the same evening were defined multidisciplinary studies (soil and botanical) included at the research.

7th Congress of the European Society for Soil Conservation (ESSC)

Last Tuesday 19th of May, MEMOLA project has been introduced in the 7th Congress of the European Society for Soil Conservation (ESSC) Agroecological assessment and functional-environmental optimization of soils and terrestrial ecosystems in Moscow (Russian Federation). MEMOLA has been publicized by posters, which have been illustrated by Giuseppe Lo Papa and Carmelo Dazzi during the exhibition sessions, and by informative brochures for the congress participants (almost 200 scientists from all over the world).
The multidisciplinary organization of the project raised huge interest among participants.  During the presentation, the importance of the soil as fundamental natural resource of the landscape and container of cultural and historical heritage has been stressed. For these and other ecosystem services, soil is one of the most important components of the landscape that needs attention and conservation for present and future generations.