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Presentation "cartography and charcoal to study Colli Euganei"

UNIPD will present "cartography and charcoal to study Colli Euganei" by Sandrine Paradis Grenouillet, Marie Curie Fellowship.

MEMOLA project participated in the EGU conference

Last friday in the European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2017 UCO, ARQUEO & UNIPA presented the Local soil classification and crop suitability: Implications for the historical land use and soil management in Monti Di Trapani (Sicily) by Garcia Vila, Corselli, Bonet García, Lo papa, Pillitteri and Fereres Castiel

Call for contributions to the Workshop Paleosols Pedoarchaeology Cultural Landscapes

Aim of the workshop is to develop knowledge on the evolution of soil over time, considering environmental and climate changes and human history by integrating different scientific disciplines. Theoretical and practical activities of the workshop wish to stress the Important role of the methodologies and tool used by several research groups, verifying possible interactions and integrations in the perspective of a interdisciplinary approach still not well defined that could support different institutions in charge of the study, preservation and promotion of cultural heritage. 

Download the programme in PDF.

UNIPA, UGR & ARQUEO are doing fieldwork at the Camarate of Lugros

Today the University of Palermo, the University of Granada and Arqueoandalusi are doing fieldwork at the Camarate of Lugros with the local Irrigators community.

UNIPA & UCO worked with Cañar irrigators community

Pedologists from the University of Palermo and Agronomists from the University of Cordoba worked with Cañar Irrigators Community to analyse the soil and take samples to study agrarian terraces, and support farmers that want to transform their current cultivation into organic

UNIPA team has attended the 2016 ESSC International Conference

UNiPA team has attended the 2016 ESSC INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE "SOIL - OUR COMMON FUTURE” in CLUJ-NAPOCA (ROMANIA) on last JUNE 15-18, 2016. "Soils, past landscapes and cultural heritage: phytoliths as indicators of ancient crops” was the the title of the oral communication presented at the Conference. Recent findings on crop cultivated during the Islamic period in Sicily were discussed and the importance of the soils’ cultural value was stressed. Giuseppe Lo Papa concluded the presentation highlighting the cultural importance of the human migrations in the Sicilian agricultural heritage, also wishing, on behalf of the MEMOLA project Team, that recent migrations could continue to leave positive footprints in the soil rather than in the Mediterranean Sea floor.

Soil samples were started in the area of the Colli Euganei (Italy)

Soil samples were started in the area of the Colli Euganei. Dr. Cristiano Nicosia and students from the University of Padua made coring of land in the orchards and vineyards of the Monastery of Praglia. The goal is to reconstruct the paleoenvironmental sequence and land use of the landscape created with the founding of the monastery in the eleventh century

Pedological study of the stratigraphic layers at the site of Magjerice - Albania

Pedological sample of the stratigraphic soil layers were undertaken during excavation at the site of Magjerice, Upper Vjosa Valley, by University of Palermo & CeRPHAAL.

Pedological and agronomic survey and sampling in the Euganean Hills

From 12 to 15 October 2015, UCO, UNIPA and UNIPD teams, have analyzed the three sample areas chosen for the pedological, botanical and agronomic study in the Euganean Hills:
1) The gardens of the Benedictine monastery of Praglia, where we interviewed the abbot Norberto, and the archivist of the monastery Mr. Guillermo who explained what was the historical agricultural management and how they do now;
2) The vineyards of Campagnola and Villa Alessi agritourisms at Faedo, where the typical wine of the Hills -the Moscato- is made, and where they have recovered the types of traditional vineyards of Colli that had been lost;
3) The terraced landscape of the old Castle of Baone, which is evaluating the change in land use from the Napoleonic land register of 1828 until today.

Preliminary soil surveys in the Upper Vjosa Valley

The University of Palermo and CeRPHAAL association started the preliminary soil surveys in the Upper Vjosa Valley. A first screening of soils variability was carried out, particularly focused around the sites of Lëmenjëza and Magjirica. A variety of soil types were observed, looking mainly at factors and processes of soil formation. We also identified the study area where the land evaluation will be performed.