Monti di Trapani

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MEMOLA in numbers!

Have a look at MEMOLA project infographic, where we tried to quantify in numbers all the project effort and the work done in the last four years in an attractive format, highlighting relevant achievements and the impact produced in the four study areas.

You can download the infographic here (PDF - JPG) and share it freely.

Ready on the Osservatorio Turistico of Sicilian Region the MEMOLA Cultural Routes

Ready on the website Osservatorio Turistico of Sicilian Region the "Travel diary" of the walkers from Traversale Sicula: 42 days of walk from Kamarina to Mozia through the landscapes and routes traced by MEMOLA Project in Monti di Trapani

Meeting of community botany

Wednesday 25 October MEMOLA project set a meeting of community botany in Calatafimi Segesta (Italy) to conduct a census of old fruit trees in Trapani (Monti di Trapani)

Final Conference Eufemio Castle Archaeological Excavation

Next Thursday Final Conference about the archaeological excavation in the Eufemio Castle (Calatafimi-Segesta, Sicily)

The 1st stage of the Eufemio Castle Archaeological excavation finished

The 1st stage of the Eufemio Castle Archaeological excavation finished. Thank you to all volunteers. 

Guided tours to the Eufemio Castle (Calatafimi-Segesta)

Every Thursday free guided tours to the Eufemio Castle (Calatafimi-Segesta). We will give you all the information about the archaeological excavation.

1st excavation campaign begins at Euphemius Castle (Calatafimi)

The first excavation campaign begins at the Castello Euphemius in Calatafimi Segesta (Trapani)! We will keep you informed about further developments

UNIPA participated in the IAVS annual symposium

The University of Palermo presented "Traditional agrosystems trajectories analysis using a vegetation science approach: the MEMOLA EU FP7 Project as a case study " by Giuseppe Bazan at the 60th IAVS annual symposium 2017 – Vegetation patterns in natural and cultural landscapes. 

UNIPA participated in the International Conference Into the Woods

Giuseppe Bazan (UNIPA) presented “Human footprint into the woodland of Bosco della Foresta (Trapani Mountains, N-W Sicily)” in the International Conference: Into the Woods: overlapping perspectives on the history of ancient forests (Padova, 18-20th April 2017). The research, carried out by UNIPA and UGR team, analysed the trajectory of agro-ecosystem using vegetation as the key to interpretation. The dynamics of the landscape has been explained through an interdisciplinary dialogue between Botanical Science and Human History.

MEMOLA project participated in the EGU conference

Last friday in the European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2017 UCO, ARQUEO & UNIPA presented the Local soil classification and crop suitability: Implications for the historical land use and soil management in Monti Di Trapani (Sicily) by Garcia Vila, Corselli, Bonet García, Lo papa, Pillitteri and Fereres Castiel