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Innovation and Cultural Heritage conference

The high-level Horizon 2020 conference – organised by the European Commission Directorate General for Research and Innovation, in close cooperation with Directorates General for Education and Culture and for Communications Networks, Content and Technology – will showcase the dialogue between contemporary European society and the most promising innovations in the field of Cultural Heritage that European policies and funds have supported.

The conference sessions will highlight policy, social, technological, methodological innovations and new, promising partnerships for cultural heritage. The speakers – leading  European  politicians, museum curators and scientists – of the conference will discuss policy developments, success stories and future challenges.

The conference is part of the programme of the European Year of Cultural Heritage and will contribute to its legacy by launching the public discussion about the objectives of European research and innovation policy for Cultural Heritage beyond 2020. The beautiful Royal Museum of Arts and History of Brussels provides a most suitable and motivating environment for discussions about European cultural heritage and innovation.

José Maria Martín Civantos, MEMOLA project coordinator, is an invited speaker of the conference and during the session "Cultural Heritage beyond Borders" will speak about Community-led traditional cultural landscape management.

Download the full programme here.