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Cáñar (Alpujarra-Granada) is located in the southern slope of Sierra Nevada at 1014 meters altitude. Its origins as a settlement date back to late antiquity. Although the possibility of a previous settlement is not excluded, what is clear is that the Muslim influence in the landscape still persists today, especially in the irrigation systems and cultivation terraces, with numerous channels and irrigation ditches interconnected.

In this municipality we have conducted several activities due to the uniqueness of its landscape, even within the Alpujarra, characterized by the particular relevance of its rich agrosystem. It is a cultural landscape, deeply anthropized after centuries of occupation and exploitation of its natural resources. Agricultural activity has added great environmental value to this landscape with its chestnut forests and botanical wealth connected to the traditional irrigation systems. This unique landscape is also enriched by the oak forest of Cañar, the southernmost of Europe, which survives during the long seasonal summer drought thanks to the humid mists that rises from the Mediterranean, and the net of irrigation channels that crosses it. An authentic and valuable gem of the southern side of Sierra Nevada.