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We conceive archaeological activity in a complex and comprehensive way. In general we can say that the MEMOLA project falls within the Landscape Archaeology, seen as the result of a coevolutionary process and a synthesis of social relations. The landscape is, in this view, a historical product and as such, part of the material culture of the societies that have built it over time.

Our activities include survey, excavation and laboratory work with the materials, remote sensing and spatial analysis. Archaeology is always planned in conjunction with other ethnographic, environmental or agricultural activities within the project.

To accomplish this, we conduct traditional archaeological surveys along with hydraulic surveys or identification of water points, agricultural terraces, pastures and forest, traditional roads, relationship of spaces with place names, etc. Digging sites are selected according to project objectives, in order to better understand the sequence of land occupation and the relationships between human beings and the natural environment explotation, especially farming.