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EU commision post a news about MEMOLA project

The European Commision publishes on its blog the news "Innovate radically. Do what your ancestors have done for thousand years", citing MEMOLA project among European best practices.

MEMOLA in the European Top 5 innovative projects

MEMOLA project has been selected by the EU Humanities Scientific Committee as one of the top five innovative research projects in the humanities.

In the article "Radical Innovation: Knowledge Humanities Research Crossing Boundaries and Fostering Deep Change", published in December 2015, the European Scientific Committee highlights those contributions that put the Arts and Humanities at the center of research innovation.

The Committee identifies the following key radical innovation elements developed by MEMOLA project:

1) interdisciplinary collaboration between the Arts and Humanities, and Natural / Life Sciences, by including Agronomy, Archeology, History, Botany, Hydrology, Geology, Ethnography and Pedology.

2) Contribution to the humanities.

3) Innovative ways of doing and organizing working methods; highlighting Local Development, Education, Cultural thematic Routes, documentaries and exhibitions.

You can download the report at the following link: