Local potato variety called "copo de nieve" recovery campaign

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The goal is to recover this variety from Sierra Nevada and provide farmers with its seed for planting, as well as give technical support to cultivate it and to elaborate environmental guidelines to assure its conservation. The recovery process has been design to ensure market supply with three productions per cycle. This cycle starts during winter at the Coastal Plain with the seed produced in the upper mountain, it  continues with its planting in the month of February at the Middle Plain ( 600-800 meters) to conclude at the beginning of summer with its planting in Sierra Nevada, depending on the altitude, allowing obtaining a new harvest of this high quality product and the production of a new seed.

The cultivation areas to recover this local product are Nieles (Cástaras), Lugros y Cáñar. Depending on the terrain conditions the planting will be done in different periods of time and altitudes. The planting at Nieles has already started.  The work involved will be done with traditional techniques and by the local farmers. In the following months planting will start at Lugros and Cañar.

The "copo de nieve" potato is a variety of a size of 5 to 10 centimeters, rounded, with many sprouts for germination. It was cultivated in Sierra Nevada until the 18th century, thanks to its good adaptation to the terrain and weather conditions.

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