Building participatory digital narratives about medieval Padua and its territory

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Internet technologies offer a broad set of opportunities for archaeologists to share information and to involve the public in multiple ways in order to build historical narratives together. During the last decade, the Medieval Archaeological Research Group at the University of Padua conducted a research about medieval architectures and historical landscapes in Padua and its territory. At the same time as developing methodologies for recording, dating and understanding medieval architectures and historical landscapes, we have been interested in the communication of this complex information to the wider public in order to reach a wider community which can also be interested in collaborating in our research increasing in that way their social impact and future development.

A. Chavarría Arnau, F. Benetti, F. Giannetti, V. Santacesaria "Building participatory digital narratives about medieval Padua and its territory", European Journal of Post-Classical Archeologies. Vol 7, 2017, SAP Società Archeologica s.r.l.