Paesaggi storici dei Colli Euganei e della pianura padovana tra eta romana e medievo

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Following a systemic approach, historic landscapes are analyzed as a group of elements (infrastruc- tures, settlements, central places, ...) in relation to agrarian landscapes and non-cultivated spaceswhich in the past were the main productive activity. In the area between the Euganean Hills and the al-luvial plain of the Adige river, which in the Roman period was under the control of Este, a study wasconducted using LiDAR and vectorialized historic maps, with the aim of reconstructing the transfor-mations between Roman and Early Medieval period. Three topics have been particularly investigated: the sequence of the hydrographic system of the Adige river (following the paths of the ancient riversusing LiDAR); the borders of the territory under Este control in relation to the supposed Roman cen- turiation; the agrarian development in the Medieval period until the 16th century.