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University of Padova held the 2nd project conference Water technology and economic development in the Middle Age.

MEMOLA Project, CEAMA and Sierra Nevada National Park organise the international conference “Water historical management in high mountain areas” , on the 10th and 11th of February 2014 in Granada.

There were 13 presentations of which 9 were focused on Sierra Nevada and 4 on comparable mountain irrigation systems in Mexico, Peru and Morocco.

With the aim to analyse the historical uses of water we conducted an hydraulic survey of the historical irrigation systems, using GPS technology.

The Spanish Geological and Mining Institute (IGME) study the flow of the traditional irrigation system of Lugros.


Simon Crutchley, from English Heritage, held, on the 30th October 2014 at UNIPD, the seminar "Light Fantastic. Using airborne LiDAR in Archaeology survey".

Last 5th of December 2014 the UNIPD held an internal research seminar about archaeological work in the Euganean Hills. Each participant (both students and specialist) presented the first results of their research in the study area.

A. Miti, researcher at CeRPHAAL, held a seminar at the University of Granada about the characteristics of the archaeological rural landscape Upper Vjosa Valley during the Early Middle Age.

MEMOLA organises a a round table in Sicily to catalogue and promote the ancient local fruit cultivation and their traditional practices of grafting. The meeting involved Giuseppe Bazan and Rosario Schicchi from the University of Palermo and the Rural Development and Territorial of Sicily.

P. Romero, researcher at UGR, held a workshop about techniques for screening and flotation of ‪archaeological‬ sediment, dedicated to undergraduate students.

The University of Cordoba conducts a soil and agroclimatic study in Cañar to determine which products would be most profitable and suitable to cultivate due to ground conditions.