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Reyes García presented the traditional ecological knowledge

Victoria Reyes García (UAB) presented "Traditional Ecological Knowledge: Dynamics and Challenges" at the seminar cycle title "New approaches for the historic understanding of the socio-environmental realities of Europe and America" organized under the framework of Master From European History into American societies, Power, and Cultures; and in collaboration with MEMOLA project.

Media coverage at Pizzo Monaco

Last week, in collaboration with Municipality of Custonaci, the TGR Mediterraneo reporters (Rai3) has visited the archaeological excavation at Pizzo Monaco.

Hydraulic survey and ethnographic interviews in Monti di Trapani

Arqueoandalusi and the University of Granada have began a new hydraulic survey campaign and ethnographic interviews in the study area of Monti di Trapani (Sicily)

Organically produced Kiwis of ECOCáñar

We started 2017 with the fabulous organically produced kiwis of the Organic Famers association ECOCañar, to the sale in business specialized in production ecological.

Fieldwork carry out by UCO and ARQUEO on local knowledge

Fieldwork carried out by UCO and ARQUEO on local knowledge based on soil and water resources management and crop suitability and its implications for the historical landscape in Monti di Trapani.

Press conference the documentary

 Enrique Herrera, vice-rector for Research and Transfer from the University of Granada; Inmaculada Oria,Territorial Delegate; José María Martín, MEMOLA project Coordinator; Antonio Martin, lugros irrigator community president ; Agustin Fernandez, Mayor of Lugros, presented the Acequia of Lugros Documentary to the press.

UGR participates in the PIIISA project

The University of Granada collaborates in the PIIISA project to introduce the research in the Andalusian High School. We will work the Cultural Landscapes and the historical irrigation systems with the Minecraft.



MEMOLA participated in the "archaeological heritage" exhibition

MEMOLA presented a poster about the archaeological excavation "Pago del Jarafi" (Lanteira, Granada) in the "Archaeological heritage" exhibition at Granada organized by the Archaeology Section of the Provincial Professional Association of Doctors and Graduates 

aCienciaCerca: El proyecto MEMOLA

José María Martín Civantos, coordinador del proyecto MEMOLA, participa en el nuevo capítulo de #aCienciaCerca. En él explica el proyecto MEMOLA, donde desde una perspectiva multidisciplinar se intenta conocer mejor la relación histórica del ser humano con el medio natural y los recursos, generando paisajes con grandes valores desde punto de vista patrimonial, social, ambiental y agronómico.

The 3rd stage of the III Archaeological excavation started

This week started the 3rd stage of the III Archaeological excavation campaign at Pago del Jarafí (Lanteira, Granada)