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Geyser assoc. (form Provenza Regional Parks) visited

Yesterday the University of Córdoba, The University of Granada and Cáñar Irrigators Community organized a visit in Cáñar (Sierra Nevada) to Geyser assoc., from Provenza Regional Parks (France). They also visited a local organic cooperative growers Las Torcas.

Organically produced Kiwis of ECOCáñar

We started 2017 with the fabulous organically produced kiwis of the Organic Famers association ECOCañar, to the sale in business specialized in production ecological.

Hydrological characterization of Barjas traditional irrigation channel (Cáñar)

The University of Cordoba repited the measurements of flow and bed channel properties over Barjas traditional irrigation system to continue with the development of the circulation model implemented in the channel.

Visit the high mountain irrigation channel of Cáñar

The university of Granada, Arqueoandalusí Arqueología y Patrimonio S.L. and  UNESCO center of Andalucía visit the high mountain irrigation channel of Cáñar (Granada) with the environmental agent of Natural and Nacional Park and the Geological and Mining Institute of Spain. 

Cleaning Barjas irrigation channel

Cáñar Irrigators Community and the volunteers clean Barjas medieval irrigation channel. Its maintenace is crucial to reactivate the agrarian production.

EcoCáñar farmers sold their first organic kiwi production

EcoCáñar farmers sold their first organic kiwi production. Con-Sumo Cuidado, specialised in organic products, sold kiwis from Cáñar. They also collaborate with MEMOLA project in advice and promotion of organic production. 

Visit the traditional irrigation channel of Cáñar (Granada)

Visit the traditional irrigation channel of high mountain of Cáñar (Granada). We are working for the next restoration campaign of the traditional irrigation channel.

International Mountain Day

MEMOLA project participated in the International Mountain Day celebrations.

On 11 December it carried out an activity related to the recovery of the memory of water in a town called Cáñar in the Alpujarra (Granada-Spain). For them, 11 December served to collaborate with the Community of Irrigators of the town of Cáñar, in recovering the traditional distribution system of irrigation. This system of water management has been key to the proper functioning of the irrigation system of Cáñar for centuries, however, it has been falling into oblivion and disuse since a few decades.

This activity, of an intangible heritage and great importance, is vital for the maintenance of cultural landscape of Alpujarra and for the recovery of traditional mountain agriculture. During the activity the older farmers explained to the younger ones how the distribution of water worked, known locally as the "Office". Every night a distribution was made, during the driest months, and allowed the existing water to be shared in a controlled and fair way. This type of traditional knowledge is at the basis for a sustained dialogue that local communities have established with the mountains for centuries. The disappearance of mountains would have disastrous ecological and anthropological consequences.

How to measure rain?

Ramón, grower of Cáñar, teaches us how to measure the amount of rain with a ‪pluviometer‬. This instrument serves to gather and measure the amount of liquid precipitation over a set period of time in ‪Cáñar‬  (Granada).

The Restoration of a Historic Trail in Cañar

The Restoration of a Historic Trail in Cañar started on May 11th. Cañar's city council, with the support of the MEMOLA team, and the financial aid of the Alpujarra Local Development Association, started the recovery of a historic route which connected the village with the higher mountains and runs through a landscape of great natural and heritage value.