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Geyser assoc. (form Provenza Regional Parks) visited

Yesterday the University of Córdoba, The University of Granada and Cáñar Irrigators Community organized a visit in Cáñar (Sierra Nevada) to Geyser assoc., from Provenza Regional Parks (France). They also visited a local organic cooperative growers Las Torcas.

M. Quarena won the award of the "Assoc. of Regional Directors of Veneto"

Maickol Quarena (‪UNIPD‬) won the award of the Association of Regional Directors of ‪Veneto‬ for his master's thesis on ‪historical‬ ‪‎landscapes‬ of Baone , Calaone and Valle San Giorgio, followed by prof . Brogiolo within ‪MEMOLA‬ Project. Congratulations Maickol!!