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Hispania Nostra Awards Ceremony

25th January 2018 Queen Sofia of Spain will give the Hispania Nostra Good Practices in the territory Award to MEMOLA project for the recovery irrigation channel of Barjas (Cáñar, Granada)

Geyser assoc. (form Provenza Regional Parks) visited

Yesterday the University of Córdoba, The University of Granada and Cáñar Irrigators Community organized a visit in Cáñar (Sierra Nevada) to Geyser assoc., from Provenza Regional Parks (France). They also visited a local organic cooperative growers Las Torcas.

M. Quarena won the award of the "Assoc. of Regional Directors of Veneto"

Maickol Quarena (‪UNIPD‬) won the award of the Association of Regional Directors of ‪Veneto‬ for his master's thesis on ‪historical‬ ‪‎landscapes‬ of Baone , Calaone and Valle San Giorgio, followed by prof . Brogiolo within ‪MEMOLA‬ Project. Congratulations Maickol!!