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MEMOLA project final Conference

MEMOLA project final Conference "Lessons learned from building new approaches to study MEditerranean MOuntainous LAndscapes"

Conference Program:

MORNING SESSION. ROOM Federico Garcia Lorca

09:00-09:30. Welcome talk. Enrique Herrera Viedma. Vice-Rector of Research and Knowledge Transfer & María José Martín Bautista, Directora de Proyectos Internacionales.

09:30-10:00. José Mª Martín Civantos (UGR): MEMOLA project. Erasing borders to build new scientific, social and environmental approaches.

Land Uses and Agrodiversity.

10:00-10:15. Giuseppe Bazan, Giuseppe Baiamonte, , Giuseppe Lo Papa, Mª Teresa Bonet García, Rocco Corselli, José Mª Martín Civantos (UNIPA, ARQUEO, UGR): The interdisciplinary approach to analyzing Traditional agrosystems trajectories in the Memola FP7 Project.

10:15-10:30. Leonor Peña Chocarro, Guillem Pérez Jordá, Giuseppe Bazan, Rocco Corselli (CSIC, UNIPA, USHEFF, ARQUEO): Agrodiversity, local varieties and traditional ecological knowledge.

10:30-10:45. Gian Pietro Brogiolo, Elías Fereres Castiel, Margarita García Vila y Julia Sarabia-Bautista (UNIPD, UCO): Comparative analysis of historical and current land uses in the Euganean Hills: the case of Praglia Abbey (Padova, Italy).

10:45-11:00. Giuseppe Bazan, Sandrine Paradise (UNIPA, UNIPD): Woodlands dynamics on the euganean Hills. Inventory of past and actual composition and management of forests (Padova, Italy).

11:00-11:15. Elías Fereres Castiel, Margarita García Vila, Rocco Corselli, (UCO, ARQUEO, UNIPA): Soil analysis and etnography in Monti di Trapani (Italy).

11:15-11:30. Q&A

11:30-12:00. COFFEE BREAK. Meeting Room at Edificio Musicología.

Water Uses and Historical Irrigation Systems.

12:00-12:15. Eglantina Serjani, Ardit Miti, José Mª Martín Civantos (CERPHAAL, UGR): Traditional irrigation systems and land uses in the Upper Vjosa Valley, Albania.

12:15-12:30. Rocco Corselli, Teresa Bonet García, José Mª Martín Civantos (ARQUEO, USHEFF, UGR): Irrigation and water uses in Monti di Trapani (Italy).

12:30-12:45. Mª José Polo Gómez, Javier Herrero Lantarón, Crisanto Martínez Montañés (UCO, UGR, IGME): Human impact in Sierra Nevada hidrology and hidrogeology.

12:45-13:00. José Mª Martín Civantos, Mª Teresa Bonet García, Pablo Romero Pellitero, José Francisco Ruiz Ruiz (UGR, ARQUEO): Historical Irrigation Systems of Sierra Nevada.

MEMOLA Recommendations to Protect BioCultural Heritage.

13:00-13:15. José Francisco Ruiz Ruiz, José Mª Martín Civantos (UGR): Rural communities and communal water uses: Resilience, empowerment and defense.

13:15-13:30. José Mª Martín Civantos, Elías Fereres Castiel, Margarita García Vila, Giuseppe Lo Papa, Roger Doonan, Giuseppe Bazan (UGR, UCO, UNIPA, USHEFF): Policy recommendation for water uses, soil and agrodiversity preservation.

13:30-13:45. Lara Delgado Anés, Eglantina Serjani, Alexandra Chavarría Arnau, Julia Sarabia,  Rocco Corselli (UGR, CeRPHAAL, UNIPD, USHEFF, ARQUEO): Sowing seeds for future: educative resources and experiences.

13:45-14:00 Q&A

14:00-16:00 LUNCH. Cafetería Facultad Filosofía y Letras.


Archaeological Findings

16:00-16:15. Ardit Miti, Eglantina Serjani, Roger Doonan, Leonor Peña Chocarro, Guillem Pérez Jordá (CERPHAAL, USHEFF, CSIC): The excavation of Margeriça (Përmet, Albania).

16:15-16:30. Teresa Bonet García, Rocco Corselli, Roger Doonan, Peter Day, Leonor Peña Chocharro, Guillem Pérez Jordá, Ana Ruiz Jiménez, José Mª Martín Civantos (ARQUEO, CSIC, USHEFF, UGR): Pizzo Monaco. An Islamic fortified granary in Sicily (Italy).

16:30-16:45. José Mª Martín Civantos, Mª Teresa Bonet, Pablo Romero Pellitero, Julio Román Punzón, Jorge Rouco Collazo (UGR, ARQUEO): The excavation of Pago del Jarafí (Lanteira, Granada, Spain.

MEMOLA Community Involvement and Communication.

16:45-17:00. Maurizio Toscano, Lara Delgado Anés, Mª Pilar Tudela Vázquez (EACHTRA, UNESCO-AND, UGR,): Communicating and disseminating the MEMOLA project.

17:00-17:15. Lara Delgado Anés, Ángel Bañuelos Arroyo, José Mª Martín Civantos (UGR, UNESCO-AND): Participative approaches in cultural landscapes in Sierra Nevada (Granada, Spain).

17:15-17:30. Eglantina Serjani, Ardit Miti (CERPHAAL): Participative approaches in cultural landscapes. Vjosa Valley (Përmet, Albania).

17:30-17:45. Alexandra Chavarría Arnau (UNIPD):Participatory research on historical landscapes in the Euganean Hills: recent and future developments (Padova, Italy).

17:45-18:00. Elías Fereres Castiel, Gian Pietro Brogiolo (UCO, UNIPD): Conclusions: Learning from the past to build our future.

18:00-18:30 Q&A



Animation videos have been presented on Film Festival

MEMOLA Cartoon Animation videos have been presented on International and National Film Festival like Ecozine Film Festival, Festival de Málaga, Festival de Cine de Medina del Campo, Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes y Animación de Barcelona...

Workshop: Irrigators Communities, detecting needs and searching solutions

MEMOLA project and "Altiplano de Granada" Rural Development will organise the workshop "Irrigators Communities, detecting needs and searching solutions"

UGR participates at a Seminar in Armilla (Granada)

The University of Granada will participate in the seminar "Cultural  and Natural Heritage in Vega of Granada"


UGR participates at a Seminar in Granada

The University of Granada will participate in the seminar "Water Archaeology"

Meeting of community botany

Wednesday 25 October MEMOLA project set a meeting of community botany in Calatafimi Segesta (Italy) to conduct a census of old fruit trees in Trapani (Monti di Trapani)

Dal legno al carbone

Dal legno al carbone: alcuni giorni nei panni di un carbonaio.


IV archaeological excavation campaign "Pago del Jarafí" finished

Last Friday finished the IV archaeological excavation campaign "Pago del Jarafí" (Lanteira, Granada). Thank you for all volunteers.

European Heritage Day in Lanteira (Granada)

UGR and ARQUEO organize a guided tour to the archaeological excavation of Lanteira in the European Heritage Day

Aerial photography in Pago del Jarafí (Lanteira)

Today Dr. Benavides López (UGR) is taking photos with Drone from the archaeological excavation "Pago del Jarafí" (Lanteira, Granada)