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Presentation of hydraulic survey result at Monti di Trapani

Arqueo presented some results of hydraulic survey carried out in the territory of Monti di Trapani, at the school F. Vivona of Calatafimi Segesta

2nd Day: Building Cultural Landscapes with Minecraft

Today is the 2nd day of PIIISA educative project. High School students are building a Cultural Landscapes and historical irrigation systems with Minecraft.

Building the Cultural Landscapes with Minecraft

Yesterday was the first day of the educative project PIIISA. High School students learned about Cultural Landscapes and Historical Irrigation Systems. They started to build a Cultural Landscapes with Minecraft

UGR participates in the PIIISA project

The University of Granada collaborates in the PIIISA project to introduce the research in the Andalusian High School. We will work the Cultural Landscapes and the historical irrigation systems with the Minecraft.



Presentation of the educative video "hydraulic mills of Calatafimi Segesta (Sicily)"

The 1st of July the University of Granada and Arqueoandalusi presented the educative video "Hydraulic mills of Calatafimi Segesta (Sicily)" at the Conference Hall of the village. 

UNIPD obtained funding from Capiro Foundation for educational activities

In the field of educational activities within MEMOLA project, UNIPD recently obtained funding within the Attivamente program from Cariparo Foundation. The project proposed is "Landscapes of water and archeology of knowledge and digital communication" and regards the creation of innovative educational activities for kids from 5 different primary schools from Padua

Presentation the educational video "Water mills of Calatafimi Segesta"

Next 1st of July the University of Granada and Arqueoandalusi will present the educational video about the water mills in Calatafimi Segesta (Sicily, Italy)

MEMOLA publishes the e-book "La Alpujarra. Cultural Landscape"

MEMOLA project publishes today the e-book "La Alpujarra Paisaje Cultural" (La Alpujarra Cultural Landscape)

This education digital resource has been put together by Maurizio Toscano (Eachtra Archaeological Projects Ltd) and Lara Delgado (University of Granada), with the collaboration of several researchers and illustrators belonging to other institutions. For additional information read

It is freely available on the iBooks Store (400MB - download over Wi-Fi).

The .ibooks format, at the moment, is compatible only with iOS and OS X platforms (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Mac).  We decided to use this format over the cross-platform .epub because it offers wider possibilities for content and widgets and a richer experience for the users, anyway we do not exclude to publish in the future a reduced version in EPUB format for not compatible devices.

Laboratory of Archaeology of Architecture

Laboratory of Archaeology of Architecture as a tool for the study of watermills

It has been conducted with students of the IIS Euganeo (Este, Padua) the third laboratory about the archaeological methodologies that allow us to study the different elements related to water management in cultural landscapes of the Euganean Hills. The students have learned to make a stratigraphic sequence of a building using this time the Pontemanco water mill in the town of Due Carrare.

UNIPD presents the educational activities at IIS Euganeo (Este)

The University of Padova presents to the parents of IIS Euganeo and the inhabitants of Este educational activities being undertaken in the MEMOLA project frame