Storytelling of the past life of the Vlachs community

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The storytelling book shows the everyday life of the Vlachs people of the Valley, an historic Latin-speaking transhumant community who for centuries have lived in the Balkans, including the territories of the Upper Vjosa Valley. The story begins with the moment they arrive in their caravans from the winter meadows, the selection of the place for the establishment of the camp and the construction of the dwelling.

The story takes children into a historical journey to the past life of the Vlachs community and teaches about their traditional way of life, how shepherds built their houses, what were the functionality of this type of shelters, and their strategic location as part of the intangible, farming and cultural heritage of the Upper Vjosa Valley.

To develop this educative resource, the team of CeRPHAAL has developed an in-depth ethnographic and historic research of this community and built a dwelling based on the traditional knowledge and techniques of the local Vlachs shepherds with the support of university students. The educative resource includes theoretical workshops and guided visits to the reconstructed infrastructure.

Click here to download the Educative Resource (30MB)