Conference on historic cultural identity of the Bassa Padovana and bicycle ride

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Event aimed at the whole community, schools, associations, institutions, experts, individual stakeholders.

Objective: create suggestions inspired by the experiences of the study and design of each speaker in order to interpret or reinterpret the role of Venetian villas and territories interested in social, cultural, environmental, but also economic, all in a sustainability perspective.
The elements discussed are intended as stimuli for new projects for the promotion and enhancement of the Veneto villas and their territories. The conference wants to be the same opportunity to "network" between the stakeholders.

It is expected to articulate the convention in the following sections: villas and land, education for sustainable development, conservation and enhancement of cultural heritage.

The conference, held by Prof. Brogiolo, Prof. Chavarria and Dr. Sarabia will be focused on the research developed within the MEMOLA project, in relation to the area of the Euganean Hills and the Adige river, giving account of the results of research on landscape highlighting the innovative aspects of methodology and promotion of cultural heritage with community involvement.

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