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Seminar The traditional irrigation channel

MEMOLA project with the University of Granada and the University of Cordoba will participate in the seminar "the traditional irrigation channel" in Benamaurel (Granada, Spain).

J. Francisco Ruiz Ruiz will present "Water, irrigation systems and irrigators communities" and Margarita García Vila will present "the management of the landscape to produce food and environmental services"

UNIPA participated in the workshop "Climate change and vegetation in mediterranean mountains"

Giuseppe Bazan, from the University of Palermo, participates at the workshop "Climate change and vegetation in mediterranean mountains", organised by the Italian Botanic Society in Pollino national park, from the 23rd to the 26th of June. Several Italian researchers will debate in the field about ecology, mountainous vegetation and their management. The workshop will be a place to discuss and transmit to the Italian botanic scientific community new interdisciplinary approaches carried out by MEMOLA project in landscape study.

UNIPA participated at the National Urbanists Conference at Catania (Sicily)

MEMOLA research activities have been presented yesterday at the National Urbanists Conference at Catania (Sicily). We spoke about Bio-cultural landscapes and the foundamental role that traditional irrigation systems can play to stimulate new models of sustainable grow and innovative regeneration of the landscapes based on their natural resources, historical and cultural.

It has also been a good chance to illustrate and discuss with urbanists the recent Water Policy Brief.

Presentation the educational video "Water mills of Calatafimi Segesta"

Next 1st of July the University of Granada and Arqueoandalusi will present the educational video about the water mills in Calatafimi Segesta (Sicily, Italy)

UNIPA team has attended the 2016 ESSC International Conference

UNiPA team has attended the 2016 ESSC INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE "SOIL - OUR COMMON FUTURE” in CLUJ-NAPOCA (ROMANIA) on last JUNE 15-18, 2016. "Soils, past landscapes and cultural heritage: phytoliths as indicators of ancient crops” was the the title of the oral communication presented at the Conference. Recent findings on crop cultivated during the Islamic period in Sicily were discussed and the importance of the soils’ cultural value was stressed. Giuseppe Lo Papa concluded the presentation highlighting the cultural importance of the human migrations in the Sicilian agricultural heritage, also wishing, on behalf of the MEMOLA project Team, that recent migrations could continue to leave positive footprints in the soil rather than in the Mediterranean Sea floor.

The impact of ‪european‬ ‪water‬ ‪policy‬ on ‪historical‬ ‪irrigation‬ systems

The University of Cordoba, The University of Granada and Arqueoandalusi organize the seminar The impact of ‪european‬ ‪water‬ ‪policy‬ on ‪historical‬ ‪irrigation‬ systems" with the collaboration the Andalusian Institute of Agricultual and Fisheries Research and Training (IFAPA) and the assocaiton of Traditonal and Historical Irrigators Communities .

UNIPA participated at the 2016 SIEP-IALE Conference

The University of Palermo presented "Bio-cultural diversity of some ‪Mediterranean‬ ‪mountain‬‪ landscapes‬" by G. Bazan and G. Baiamonte at the 2016 SIEP-IALE conference Challenges of Anthroponce and the role of Landscapes ‪Ecology‬ in ‪Asti‬ (Italy)

UNIPD partecipated in the seminar "Armonie Composte"

Last Saturday Brogiolo, Chavarria & Benetti (‪UNIPD‬) partecipated in the "Armonie Composte. Seminars around the ‪monastic‬ ‪landscapes‬: know and ‪communicate‬ the transformation on the ‪Praglia‬ Abbey landscapes" presenting the ‪MEMOLA project‬

UCO participated in the 7th International Water Resources Management Conferences

Fluvial Dynamics and Hydrology research group (UCO) presented a poster titled "The current and future sociohydrological role of traditional irrigation system in high mountain areas in Southern Spain" in the 7th International Water Resources Management Conferences of ICWRS, organized by The International Association of Hydrological Sciences, Bochum (Germany)

Recovery of two historical irrigation channel at Lugros

Open call for volunteers 

MEMOLA project and the local irrigators community will recover two traditional irrigation channel at high mountain of Lugros (Granada, Spain), with the support of the municipally of Lugros and the Natural and National Park of Sierra Nevada.

This participatory activity will take place during two last weekends of May ( 20th to 22nd and 27th to 29th).

For More information write to Lara Delgado, outreach coordiantor: