Vjosa Valley

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MEMOLA meeting in Vjosa Valley (Albania)

This year the ‪MEMOLA‬ meeting was in ‪Përmet‬ (‪Albania‬). Thank you ‪CeRPHAAL‬, our friends Ardit, Egla and Stavri for hosting and introducing us to the beautiful ‪Cultural‬ ‪Landscapes‬ of ‪VjosaValley‬.

Seminar: The upper Vjosa Valley in the Dark Ages

Seminar The upper Vjosa Valley in the Dark Ages a lost territory of the Byzantine Empire by A. Miti, Researcher at CeRPHAAL.  The Seminar will be in the University of Granada at 12:30 Aula 22. 

This presentation examines the characteristics of the archaeological rural landscape of the territories of the Upper Vjosa Valley during the Early Middle Ages. It will introduce to the up to date results of the research, regarding the settlement identification and rural population characteristics over the Early Medieval, a period, commonly known as the “Dark Ages”, and during which the Mediterranean world was widely affected by large scale socio-economic, political, cultural and religious changes.

The research answer questions regarding settlement abandonment or continuity, the impact of the “barbarians” population in the territory, changes in the economic activities and ways of life, as well as it tries to observe the cultural legacy with the later Medieval settlement of the Valley. The study represents a multidisciplinary approach on the reconstruction of the historic landscape of the Upper Vjosa Valley, and also a methodological model applied in the study of similar territories of the Byzantine world.

Outreach article about the MEMOLA project

Electronic journal "Water and landscapes". Article about the MEMOLA project in English and Spanish.  You can see the full article in this link http://www.memolaproject.eu/file/591  You will find the article about the project  in page146 .