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The 1st stage of archaeological excavation at "Pago del Jarafí" started

Last week started the first stage of archaeological excavation at Pago del Jarafí '16 (Lanteira, Granada). We will soon start guided visits and others news. Stay tuned!

Seminar The traditional irrigation channel

MEMOLA project with the University of Granada and the University of Cordoba will participate in the seminar "the traditional irrigation channel" in Benamaurel (Granada, Spain).

J. Francisco Ruiz Ruiz will present "Water, irrigation systems and irrigators communities" and Margarita García Vila will present "the management of the landscape to produce food and environmental services"

Hydrological characterization of Barjas traditional irrigation channel (Cáñar)

The University of Cordoba repited the measurements of flow and bed channel properties over Barjas traditional irrigation system to continue with the development of the circulation model implemented in the channel.

The impact of ‪european‬ ‪water‬ ‪policy‬ on ‪historical‬ ‪irrigation‬ systems

The University of Cordoba, The University of Granada and Arqueoandalusi organize the seminar The impact of ‪european‬ ‪water‬ ‪policy‬ on ‪historical‬ ‪irrigation‬ systems" with the collaboration the Andalusian Institute of Agricultual and Fisheries Research and Training (IFAPA) and the assocaiton of Traditonal and Historical Irrigators Communities .

UCO participated in the 7th International Water Resources Management Conferences

Fluvial Dynamics and Hydrology research group (UCO) presented a poster titled "The current and future sociohydrological role of traditional irrigation system in high mountain areas in Southern Spain" in the 7th International Water Resources Management Conferences of ICWRS, organized by The International Association of Hydrological Sciences, Bochum (Germany)

MEMOLA publishes the e-book "La Alpujarra. Cultural Landscape"

MEMOLA project publishes today the e-book "La Alpujarra Paisaje Cultural" (La Alpujarra Cultural Landscape)

This education digital resource has been put together by Maurizio Toscano (Eachtra Archaeological Projects Ltd) and Lara Delgado (University of Granada), with the collaboration of several researchers and illustrators belonging to other institutions. For additional information read

It is freely available on the iBooks Store (400MB - download over Wi-Fi).

The .ibooks format, at the moment, is compatible only with iOS and OS X platforms (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Mac).  We decided to use this format over the cross-platform .epub because it offers wider possibilities for content and widgets and a richer experience for the users, anyway we do not exclude to publish in the future a reduced version in EPUB format for not compatible devices.

Recovery of two historical irrigation channel at Lugros

Open call for volunteers 

MEMOLA project and the local irrigators community will recover two traditional irrigation channel at high mountain of Lugros (Granada, Spain), with the support of the municipally of Lugros and the Natural and National Park of Sierra Nevada.

This participatory activity will take place during two last weekends of May ( 20th to 22nd and 27th to 29th).

For More information write to Lara Delgado, outreach coordiantor:

The study of ‪‎spring‬'s flow of "Era Alta" (Cáñar)

‪IGME‬ ( Geological Survey of Spain) continues with the study of ‪‎spring‬'s flow of "Era Alta" at ‪Cañar‬ (Granada, Spain‬). The record of the spring's flow lets know how to affect the artificial ‪recharge‬ of the ‪aquifer‬ and the ‪‎hydrogeological‬ functions, that will take place up the spring.

III Archaeological excavation campaign in Lanteira (Granada, Spain)

The MEditerranean MOuntainous LAndscapes Project, financed by European Commission FP-7 (nº 613265), is coordinated by José María Martin Civantos, associate professor and researcher at the Dept of Medieval History, Universidad de Granada (Spain).

The project aims to apply an interdisciplinary perspective to study the evolution of Mediterranean mountainous cultural landscapes. In September and October, 2014, the archaeological excavation started, at Pago del Jarafi (Lanteira-Granada). After obtaining great results, documenting numerous settlement structures, silos for grain storage and a necropolis, we are returning to Lanteira for a second excavation campaign.

The MEMOLA project partners that participate in this intervention are:

  • Universidad de Granada
  • Arqueoandalusí Arqueología y Patrimonio S-L
  • Agencia Estatal Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas-CSIC-Escuela Española de Arqueología en Roma

We also count with the collaboration of Lanteira and Alquife city councils, that will provide the necessary infrastructure to host the volunteers.

This year the excavation will be organized in 3 turns of 10 days each:

  • August29th- September 9th        
  • September 12st- 23th
  • September 26-October 7th

There is a limit of 20 volunteers for each turn. It is necessary to register by sending an email to: ; Subject: JARAFÍ, including the following:

  • Updated Resume
  • Turn in which you would like to participate
  • Indicate any food allergies.


Campaign details:

  • Housing will be at the municipal gym of Lanteira, very close to the excavation site.
  • Bring a sleeping bag and appropriate work outfit (clothes, footwear and gloves).
  • Due to the characteristics of the site it is advised to bring sun protection: cream and hat.
  • Meals will be provided from Monday through Friday: breakfast, lunch (at the excavation site), and dinner.
  • Working tools will be provided to all participants.
  • Volunteers must bring proof of accidental injury insurance, valid during the time of their participation at the excavation.
  • Complementary activities such as, working with archaeological ceramics and soil sample flotation will be held.
  • Work schedule during the first two turns ( August and mid September) will be from 7am to 3pm. During the second half of September, the schedule is from 8 am to 5pm with lunch break. The schedule could be modified depending on weather conditions.
  • For all those who need it, a certificate of participation will be issued.

Press Conference The 1st Assoc. Historical Channels of Andalucia

Press Conference to present the 1st "Historical Channels of Andalucía" Association, with the Rector's University of Granada, Pilar Aranda; the MEMOLA coordinator, José Mª Martín Civantos, and the president of the Association, Germán Tejerizo.